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Sunday, January 19, 2014


for those of you who know us, you have heard at least once or twice me lamenting over the 'school decision' has, to give the lament a more descriptive word, been a tossing and turning over my desires, what i perceive as the kids' desires, and how i feel the Lord leading us.  but to be honest, if i truly felt that God has a specific desire about how to educate children it would be a no brainer but as in most things, i believe we are given the choice!  just like we can choose to marry whom we like (and who chooses us ;)), choose to go to college wherever or not...etc etc etc....

i am digressing but i think this is what makes many decisions difficult...bc even though we feel a peace sometimes, a peace doesn't always follow a correct decision or an incorrect one for that matter.  and sometimes we see all this confirmation around a decision...and to be honest, sometimes we see what we want to see and other times we refuse to see what God has so delicately placed before us to see!  the only surefire things i can decide on and know i am choosing correctly ...are matters of right and wrong and where to send my kids to school is not one of that nature.  i do believe that matters of conscience, where you know in your heart what you should do even if everything points against it....your 'peace', your confirmations...even wise council....but  there is a silent place and relationship with the Father that as a believer i am bound if my conscience tells me 'no' then i would certainly heed (or hope i would =))

ANYWHO....throughout these past couple years i have LOVED having the kids home and creating lessons and teaching them things...and watching them learn...i look back on photos or written memories and i am nostalgic when i think of how blessed i have been to have this time with them... but i always knew it wouldn't be a long term plan for us...i am not totally sure why but probably bc i LOVED school so very much, i grew in my faith in school...through teaching and through relationships (good and bad)....

so, jack and esme are starting at st luke this is a great school in columbus...just outside of josh's station (he can eat lunch with them)!! there are small classes, sweet teachers (from what i gather), a true desire to follow godly principles, a stringent curriculum, awesome 'extra', spanish, music, PE....
i love that they were uniforms...such an equalizer...and that there is a general sense of decorum and school pride.  the kids are WAY excited...and i am happy but will need to get through the first couple weeks to say i am totally on board =) being away from them for that long!!! but when i see their joy and their relationships...and as a parent will do again...and again and i learn to let go and let God direct them in ways outside of my immediate control...i will settle in my heart i believe.

i have never wanted to keep my kids home bc i wanted "control" over everything about their lives...who they hung out with, what they heard and saw, how they acted in response to life.... i mean, sure i would LIKE to control these things and i feel we are certainly called to in the broad sense ...but they are still very much under our protection and love by going to school....and will have opportunity to 'use' what they have learned and see if they will choose wisely...and make mistakes and suffer consequences...and fail without us right there to make it immediately alright, and succeed without us there to pour accolades.

i could still without a doubt tell you why i believe each decision is  a good one....homeschooling, public school, private school....each has its beautiful parts and important parts....this is just where we are landing right now.

so! onward ho!~  to God be the Glory in all things!!!


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

I'm glad you were able to make a decision that was right for your family. May it bring you much peace of mind and special times alone with Titus! I will miss cornbread and tea in the afternoon. We may just have to make it wine and cheese before dinner some day. I hope the kids have a great first day, love their teachers, meet new friends, and of course, learn lots!!!

At 10:31 PM, Blogger clare said...

kristin! thank you! it was a great first day...sadly our friends from athens brought a cold with them so i picked up esme early on her first day! but all is well...i miss them like crazy and want to picket about homework...but we are going to adjust... yes yes,,,wine and cheese...sounds jsut about perfectly right =)

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Pete and Kassie said...

I share your sentiments oh so much about peace and confidence- given even when poor decisions are made. You've stated it beautifully as you always do. (I believe God gave me that same peace AND spared me from a poor birth decision to boot). He is merciful like that.
I do hope this next step in your education journey brings so much growth and goodness for you and the kids. How brave and wise of you to notice the good in each option, and for now, I hope each of you can embrace St. Luke's with joy! What a wonderful, focused time you now have with Titus- though I'm certain he wasn't missing out previously. :) Anyways, we adore all of you, and are hopeful that you enjoy the new routine.


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