the green gate

sending a balloon to space!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

this and thats


me: hey esme princess...what u doing?
esme: no, not princess, empirial majesty mama
me: o, riiiight.

new tv rule

so while i was pregnant with titus, the kids started watching a lot more tv (netflix). in the mornings until i could get up (they get up around, 7) the afternoons when i would often take a nap and then sometimes again in the evenings with josh and i on the couch...we had movie night often =)
SOOOOO, yesterday josh and i decided that it was time to turn over a new more tv until friday night movie night....NONE. it is always easier to go cold turkey bc then the kids don't ask anymore.  it will be so good for us...i've noticed the kids are starting to not be able to come up with things to do on their own and i feel like tv has something to do with it.

our little joy

titus is so so sweet and has won all our hearts...when jack is doing school, holding titus is his "reward" is what he wants!!! esme loves to wake up and come in to give kisses...josh is smitten and i am too....he sleeps and eats and that is about it....=)h wellh

Sunday, August 26, 2012

teaching math with legos

i posted a few pics of our lego adventures one day this week
the ideas came from this site...
she has some great ideas about teachings kids and making it fun...

elisha! i have had your question rambling in my head since you left on the machine =) about brainstorming on how to make the homeschool day fun and for us i'd say we definitely have times that aren't fun for jack ! ha! i mean, he is pushing through learning to read...count money etc...but when he does get it, i can see his joy...his ownership of it.

to flow our day though we have lots of 'play''s some things we do
....i have a large fish bowl on the wall (cardboard the kids painted) and i hung 5 hooks on it...we made 5 beautiful fish labeled for each day of week...i post spelling words about 'bowl' each week and after we practice them each day he can hang that day's fish....

....we put a balloon chart on the wall (10 spaces til you reach the top...their names printed on balloons that are threaded on a fishing line) posted above is their memory Bible verse and their poem they are learning...each time they recite, they move up a space..when they hit the top they can go in the treat box

.....each month is some shape...august is a sun. so i have a circle on the wall with august written inside. each day jack has to write the full date 'august 26, 2012' and then tape it to the circle...making a sunshine by the end of the month...for september i think i'll make a bonfire picture and he'll add a flame each day with the date...gets him writing august over and over =)

.....i have popscicle sticks with sight words written on them (well, about to...=)) he goes adn picks out 10 and then reads them to me...or 20 whatever...i bought some dice that have LOTS of sides so we can roll to see how many he picks out

......i have a connect the dots book...with numbers up to 200...when i see him straining we take a break and do this...helps with counting...also have a count by 2's connect dots book...

hope these help! we just try and play while we learn...but something it is just pushign through too

found a great link

i think that is the address...LOOOOOOOOOOVE her ideas!!!!
i have started searching pinterest...o my..what fun....
o! and the history behind titus' name!

josh recently went to lake placid and was driving along and spied a sign that just said 'titus'..he isn't sure if it was a town or road name....but it liked it...texted me right then and we decided titus it is!  we liked lots of other names but this one just settled right away.  and charles is josh's grandfather...he died when josh was young but he remembers him as a kind man and someone who loved his family and purposed to take care of them for generations.  josh respects his memory and ways greatly and we love having a child named for him.

can't wait to live here!!!

josh and clay worked hard this week on the roof...lots of details that make all the difference...
it feels so strange to have not been out here in ages!
it felt wonderful to get on my feet a walk a bit and be out here this morning...
and the air was cooler this morning!!!! yayayayyaay!!!
fall is approaching! i am so happy!

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titus first visit to the land!

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saying goodnight..

esme took this nightgown and cap off a baby given to her by rere and she loves to wear it to bed....i think she looks so sweet in it =)

jack asks if titus can just sleep with him =)
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sitting on the greengate once again

yay! no more 'stillthegreengate'....i just had to pay $2.50 to add to the plenthora of pics on this site ha!
ah! my little titus is awake! must go and enjoy these moments! =)
more soon!
thank you for all the texts, calls and food and visits!!! am getting back into life and can't wait to catch up with everyone soon!

Titus Charles Adams....the little precious boy who loves to sleep and eat


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

welcome to titus!!!

so i posted pics on the new blog...which won't let me post words!!!
titus weighed 9 lbs!!!
came home to josh and a fresh kill of a rattlesnake...
we had quite the homeschool lesson...more on dissection soon!
baby and i heading to bed...he is sooooo sweet and we are all smitten...especially jack!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

saturday night

heading to bed....
feeling closer and closer to meeting our baby but still no sign of contractions...
i took a walk tonight with harry...and had a good time talking with God...just about life and my was so so good.
our friends the batastinis came out to the land this evening...the kids played and played... and we all talked...
i am consistently thankful for the friends we have made here...

grace left for home has been a lovely week with her here...her energy is quite amazing!  so strange to be so past the due date...well, 4 days...almost as if i missed the window and now will be pregnant forever...such a strange feeling.  i am very ready to hold this know this watch our family love on this child.

we have been reading laura ingells wilder's little house in the big has been so simple and yet so full was their life ...if i could pattern ours after a life, it would look most like this one i think...i think something i yearn to understand as a mom is how to instill gratefulness in my children...and knowing that it comes from having little...bc then gifts are truly gifts and a child is grateful naturally bc it is a treat...a gift.  overindulging is what spoils the grateful thankful heart.  and yet how HARD to not overindulge!!!! even with eating...i love to make sweet treats and the more i do the more i see them get used to it... and the same for me and my heart...i long to be so grateful for the beautiful gifts i i must practice smallness, practice patience in getting things...anywho...ramble ramble.

off to bed...we are a tired household tonight...and each night this week i've thought 'o Lord, not tonight..let me go into labor in the morning' but tonight feels differently...i am ready and eager to go into labor...tired or not. so bring it on if it is time!

new blog

for now anyway =)

photo quota

well it isn't surprising but i have tried to upload photos this week and been told that i have exceeded my photo quota!!!
soooo, i am thinking of just making a new blog site!
not sure if that will work to get my under the radar =)
we'll see
bc hello! i am about to have a baby and would love to post pics!!!
well, i say i am about to have a baby...still no baby over least outside of me =)

Friday, August 17, 2012

celtic axe making =)

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baby chicks!!!

not exactly the births i was looking forward to =)
but exciting all the same!
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Thursday, August 16, 2012


this evening josh and i went out to the land...he and clay have been working on the roof all week and i've been 'packed and ready' for the my camera is tucked in a bag....anywho... we sat there and i just MARVELED. i really think there are a few people that i know who are genius in their fields...and clay chapman is one of them.  his ability to see in his head a design to the last detail and then to be able to actually make it happen and flow and come alive....truly truly it is amazing. we have said it before but he is one of the few people who we just trust his design/build instinct...absolutely.  i think too it has been really good for josh to be out there so much this week...i mean, he was very present during the brick stages...but cleaning up, mixing mortar, this and that. but he is now a vital part of the building of the roof and floors walls to come...etc...and it is becoming 'his' project too...and he is loving that.

and me....well, i feel and see many signs that this little one is close to coming but still he/she sits on its head =)
but you know this week has been so borrowed time with the kids...i was prepared for me to be in the hospital and away from them and instead i have soaked up teaching jack in the mornings...doing puzzles and playing in the afternoons with them and then piling on the bed to read at night....they are READY and ask me all the time 'are you in labor?" in fact esme overheard a conversation i having with the midwife so now asks me 'are you leaking yet mama?" haha! too much info i know but still funny =)

grace is downright amazing. i took a nap today and woke up...wandering through the house to peak out the window and watch her mowing the lawn!!! it looks great!~...then she and jack cleaned the back yard which sorely needed it. my fridge is clean and i have had such nice company running to and fro....she is a pleasure to have here!

ok....for those of you still reading with no pictures =) have a lovely night...and i'll be sure to post on here or text when anything happens...i promise! though getting calls and texts doesn't AT ALL bother me...i love being loved!  but just so you know =)
night night!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a day late!!!

well, here i am just like last night...wondering about this little tike in my tummy =)
still no sign of an entrance....other than the voracious appetite i have...o i have a feeling this will be a larger than the others munchkin =)

josh texted today with a final decision on names...which was great...we have been tossing around names this whole time...nothing totally sticking...but it is decided!!!
so girl or boy we'll be able to make it a nametag =)

jack had first day at veritas today and loved it...our schooling at home has been really good...a few tears but we press through...mostly fun and sweet times.  this may be our only year to homeschool and i really want to help him learn to be a really efficient reader and have a solid math foundation....and if we can tack on a love of science and history then i'll feel a success. but you know, no matter what, i won't ever regret this time with him...watching him, talking to him, listening to is a gift i do not take for granted. and the whole 'school preparation' has satiated (or is it sated) my need for a mind turns all the time with ideas and that works out perfectly honestly that i am not building a house with a newborn on the way...which has tended to be my previous 'project' after giving birth. i can see this is a wiser ...more fulfilling =) 'job'....

esme loves her preschool...and i love the teachers and that it is 5 min down the road. grace is here...since sunday...she has been great company and help with the kids... now we just need baby!!!

josh is on vacation for 15 days!!! and working on the house like crazy....roof is looking good!!!
will take some pics soon...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

our family...

esme tried out her new eyeshadow on all the ladies today =) and somehow i got the dose of black and dark green =)
but nonetheless it was fun to get a family photo just before the baby comes along!!!!

and here is our new suburban!!!
it is such fun...i thought i'd miss the truck a lot but honestly the kids love this suburban so much that it makes driving a pleasure =)
well, mostly bc they have a cd player now to listen to books on tape...
but they are both along the back bench seat in their own world with cupholders and foot rests...they feel quite posh i think =)

it is an '03 and runs great...we really feel so 'normal' and delightful in it =)
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justin and julie's new puppy named "reep" for reepicheep!!!

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his finished box creation...

he wants to fill it with balloons to share with his class on the day of presentation =)
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saturday morning crafts...

well, the hubble was made at science fridays at callaway =)
but jack and esme have projects due for school so we played in the schoolroom for hours saturday morning...
jack cut up a box to make a hexagon box...his new love is using the hot glue gun...instant glueing satisfaction...and the little glue guns are not nearly as hot i have found so it doesn't cause blistery burns...

he chose 6 photos from his life and then wrote a little sentence about each...stenciled his name and glued that on top with a handle....
he is so proud...=)

esme had a big paper to color and fill out...
"what is your favorite sport? playing princesses"
"what is your favorite color? princess colors of course"
"what is your favorite book? princess books"
you get the picture =)
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our schoolroom...

and more toilet paper crafts!
we made some little puppets =)
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