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Monday, May 28, 2012

gggrrrreeeeeat blog found today

Saturday, May 26, 2012

baby names

we like augustus charles for a boy...already said that.
and now thinking august adams for a girl!!
august rose?
the funny thing and unrelated in our heads is that he/she will be born in august...ha!
jack, esme and august or gus.
i like it!

hanging with the rabbits...

so, we have divided this cage into 2 with the girls and one with snickers the boy
at least we think we have sexed them correctly...
today we put snickers in with the girls (they said to do this for a couple days to get them preggos)
but everyone started fighting in a large rabbit fluff ball!!!

i moved lucy (jack's grey bunny) by herself and left belle and snickers there....
they still fought a we'll see ...
we might be having rabbit stew tomorrow =)

tonight we ate coq au vin!!!
made from our very own rooster, turnip broth (from turnips last week), red wine, mushrooms, onions, garlic, potatoes and carrots!
it was really good!
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christmas ginger bread house in may =)

sandra gave this to us in december...and we put it together yesterday =)
the kids had a blast =)

and jack found this box in some of mark's discarded equipment boxes...
and went outside and cut himself a robot!

he wore this most of today =)
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the house!!!!!

it is coming along!!!!

the fireplace is just beautiful....
the walls are amazing...
we are so so happy....

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jack's house

esme picked him some flowers =)

the marigolds are blooming!

jack making flour paste, and then pulp (for fiber) and mixing it all up with ez with some linseed oil (that we then mixed with clay and sand to make the plaster for his house!)
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i know we aren't officially in the summertime but o i love the beginnings of it... (maybe actually more so than the actual summer!)

the kids and i picked blueberries yesterday morning ...early early....
we only picked a gallon as they are both still not quite over their colds and tend to peter out on energy or interest =)

we stopped by the land...the house is looking amazing!

mullein is blooming in the greenhouse...raspberries are ripening...and the beans and tomatoes are getting TALL!
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Friday, May 25, 2012

29 weeks pregnancy update...

well, i am in my third trimester!
i just read the baby is 2.5 lbs or thereabouts and 15 inches long.

this little one kicks all the time when i am resting =)...i don't notice it much when i am up and about...
hopefully this doesn't mean this one will be like jack and ez who HAD to be in motion to be calm when babies =)  but of course if it is, i will not mind it a bit but i do need to get a new sling! ha!

i am feeling much better hernia-wise...not sure if uterus has moved up or i am not doing as much heavy lifting or both...but i dont' feel the same pain by the end of the day and certainly not the extreme tiredness...just happily plodding along!

i feel hilariously on a hormonal ride with this pregnancy. my back is now broken out which i am not sure this even happened when i was a kid! ha! very emotional (but what is new there) craving water all the time and sleep =) and icrecream.

very happy and very much looking forward to meeting this little one!
still thinking it is a boy =)

coconut and eggplant

katie sent a yummy coconut up with clay last week...the kids and i drank all the milk/water out of it and then scraped out the insides...
i dried it in strips in the dehydrator and then munched all the way to mobile =)
and the eggplants are ripening!
i still will hopefully never get over watching something grow from a tiny seed, into a seedling, into a plant that blossoms and bears "fruit"
it is amazing.

need to make something fun with it =)
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squash and turnips...

before leaving for mobile bay, jack and i tried to put up some squash and turnips...
he is such a great help...with anything actually!
i have a lot of turnip juice left is in the fridge waiting to become soup =) 
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sting ray and a castle

matt caught this ray off the pier!
and monica and jack built a HUGE sand castle....
this is the beginnings and i can't believe i don't have a final photo!

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fort morgan

i have to say visiting the battleship and submarine ...and then fort morgan ....
was one of the highlights of my american historical traveling career =)

basically to say i enjoyed them all immensely...bc i have never seen anything like it before..

this fort was built before the civil war and is hailed as an architectural feat...
and with my new understanding and appreciation of brick, i was enthralled at the beauty of this place...
it was all underground in the shape of a star....and hence built with arches to support the weight of the metal placed on top, the crushed rock, the cement and then dirt...

passageway led to passageway led to room led to room...all with ached ceilings...
many rooms were so dark i couldn't photograph them....and the whole place was so "uncommercial"...only one placard to explain the building and history (of course a small gift shop did give lessons according to numbers listed throughout the fort)

this was the last stop of a drive, beach play, ferry estuarium, bakery, ferry...then fort day...
so we spent only about an hour here....but i could have spent much longer...
it was surrounded on 3 sides by ocean as it was at the point of a bay as it juts was used in the civil war, the spanish american, ww1 and ww2...


it was also super to have my dad there...of course for his company but i had forgotten how much he knows and loves history...especially wartime he was a great commentary on the ships and airplanes as well as design and war tactics...helped me to place times in history with the things i was seeing...

if you are ever in the mobile bay area, these places are must-sees in my book! 
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