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Friday, December 30, 2011

birdies tree

i think at our new place i want to plant a lot of Christmas trees...but one especially outside a good window and then decorate each year for the birds...
today, i lugged the Christmas tree outside adn we decorated it for wildlife!

the only problem is that i have a little suspicion that the sheep will be included and will possibly have this on the ground in a heartbeat's time =)

o well....all of God's creatures...right? =)

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jack's actual bday today!

with a lovely visit from my dad!
he brought jack belt buckles from the civil war and a reenactment cap gun....
needless to say, jack has done little else today bar wear his buckle and fire his rifle =)

this birthday season has been a fULL one... a little different from how we usually roll in our family for bdays....
we LOVE to celebrate just usually do it on a smaller scale...but today felt very birthday like...
so nice.

we woke up and i had put streamers all over the house....and a big happy bday sign =)
and then asked jack what kind of cake he wanted...he said caramel!
so we went out and bought all the necessary ingredients and the kids helped me make a double batch (new years party tomorrow)

we waited until grandpa came and had tea and cake and opened his special presents...
it was really nice. =)

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at our land!!!

we closed on the land yesterday!!!
sooo exciting@@!!!
the kids want to be out there all the time....
digging digging =)

the pic of the land is the house site !!!!!

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Bowling Party

jack turns 6!!!!!

here is jack's sweet kindergarten class at the bowling alley...sharing jack's bday and jesse's bday!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

o wow, i ate too much...

at lunch time and i am STILL full!
i was craving the kids and i went to publix and bought all the necessary fixings...
i ate 2 and then the rest of jack's and the rest of esme's and i was truly full after the first one but i couldn't stop it was so tasty!!!
it was fun.
have been cleaning out stuff most of the day...a mixture between nesting and knowing we will move in 4 months!!! yay! so i start tapering down on everything....
but somehow it still looks like a postChristmas bomb went off in the house =)
o well.
i've been reading the kids narnia before bedtime...and tonight i started to cry it was just so beautiful!
and AMAZINGLY without me telling jack the allegory...he said "mamma, this is a lot like how God created the world" CS Lewis was quite a guy....
we are on the magician's nephew and after i put them to bed, i slipped teh book from their room so i could keep reading on the couch...
i truly think i could read this cover to cover over and over and be very much better off for it.

going to read =)

my love....

i have been SOOOOO loving looking through our wedding pics lately...
i have been working on something for josh...and alas it wasn't finished for Christmas...
but it has just been such fun reliving that day with the photos...
mark pennington took these photos and he is just so beautifully talented at capturing moments...

i love my husband so much...and i still giggle when i call him i can't believe it is really true! =)

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home again...

and still dressed up like a knight and a princess =)

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more adams pics!!!

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