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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

here's the one from naomi

isn't it wonderful!
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i just saw this on a blog i like to read (can you tell josh is filling out applications tonight?? he just found out asheville, nc is hiring firefighters...and their time line is the same as the others...need to hire for the fall he is filling it out and i playing on the computer!)
the green and crunchy blog...
anywho...i love it!
i also need to post the photo of a bookshelf that naomi sent is also so creative and magically wonderful....
i need to get building! (not that mine would look like these...buuuut, i could get the idea!)
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i slept well last night~!

buuut i am still a little psycho =)
i got off the computer and fell right asleep....i think just "talking it out" helped enormously...
and i woke up at 5:30 on the nose bc usually esme does the same...and i try to get to her before she wakes the rest of the house...that way i can snuggle with her and she sometimes falls back asleep.
anywho...she didn't wake up this morning!
so of course i think something is wrong and i camp outside her door for an HOUR!!!! waiting for her to wake up!
i used to think sleeping was the easiest thing in the world...i'd barely remember the moments in bed bc i was asleep for 99.9% of so much thinking goes on that i feel like i chronicle many mental miles there!
but most things come in seasons...and i am strangely not tired during the all is well!

summer's bounty

so, here's the thing...
not everything we make in the cuisinart is delicious but it is mostly all drinkable...and downright so good for you
the first concoction =) is josh and my breakfast....
and we've been doing this for a while now and we really don't crave anything else when we wake up....
lots of greens, whatever else might work and is growing near the greens =) squash, a couple packets emergen-c (vit c packets that taste great and help enormously with the flavor), blueberries and a little water and blend!
often we put in a frozen banana but not this time.
blend and enjoy!

the other photos are of a very yummy drink....that was posted in "making love in the kitchen" a fun foody blog
1 cup blueberries, 1 tb honey, 1 whole lemon (cut off peel and throw in), 1 cup ice (we dont' have ice so i put water and frozen berries instead of thawed ones)
blend and yummy!
it is like blueberry lemonade...jack loved it =)

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swimming swimming swimming!

ryn got her cast off yesterday....yay!
it was so sweet to see her walking around...bc she truly was relearning using that leg again...
i know holly has to be so glad this "not swimming in the summer" period is over...
i remember when esme broke her arm in the was so hard! was lovely lovely to see them and to watch them all play...
and tovah is getting soo big!
all these munchkins grow up so so fast....

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a little snuggle

and jack and esme in the background eating tiny tomatoes they just picked from the garden.....esme moved back there bc sammie kept eating them out of her bowl...and jack has on his snorkel...just bc =)

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Monday, June 28, 2010

past my bedtime....

so lately i've had trouble sleeping....
not sure why...i've started to do some mild exercising once again...(went on a run and thought i was doing really well....i was out of breath and ready to turn homeward but felt like i'd really done something...glanced at my watch to find out i'd only been running 3.5 minutes! hahaha!!!)
i hardly eat any sugar anymore....the occasional spoon of nutella but i really just don't crave it....
so why can't i sleep????
here are some present theories...but remember...i am way these all might be really laughable.
1. the latest genre in movie watching josh and i are is the foreign/asian/war/epic/dynasties fighting for thousands of years category.  it isn't sherlock or bronte buuuuuut it is based on truth with themes like honor, love and i can go for it...  but i think the fighting (though artistic and amazing) upsets me ... no matter how historical, it is still hard to watch bloodshed!  i toss over the scenes in my head...
2.  my body is wanting to be pregnant!  yes, i am probably just on a ramble...but this doesn't seem to be a phase this time.  it is like there is something deeply needing in my hold and nurture another little treasure.  it is wrapped up in how much i adore jack and esme....and how i can't help but want more of these wonderful children!  so, it is as if, there is something unfinished in me....and i muse over it instead of counting sheep
3.  how much i love jack and esme.  i think about them all them time....and when i go to sleep, i worry over them...their futures, the evils of this world...i listen for noises and honestly seem to sleep best when i can hear them breathing...when they are right there.  i know i shouldn't live in fear and i suppose this is some form of that... so i need to just get over it....and i think i do when they are awake...we are just in the moment living and is only when all is quiet that my mind rambles.
4.  the is the thing.... i am working little bits here and there on the cob....the floor, a shelf, a little wall....whatever...the kids and i go down there after swimming and play for a bit until they decide they are ready for a sometimes 15 minutes sometimes 45..just depends...but when i am doing some sort of project like that it sort of overtakes my quiet mind.  when everything else fades away and i am about to fall asleep, my creative mind (what there is of it =)) feels free to throw out ideas.  so often an idea to make something pops in my head just before i fall asleep.  and i plan out what this or that will look like, i mentally find tools or nails and plan the order of the next day when we are i dont' have to do that when the kids and i are chatting and heading down there....i can think focused the night before so i dont' have to the next day....and i can't seem to stop that and just count those crazy sheep!
5.  i like to get on line and read a bit of what is going on in people's lives.  i love when friends update blogs or send a hello via email....i dont' do much on the computer during the i savor those moments at night....after we watch the tang dynasty battle it out with the turks....

so here i almost 11...not terribly late but for my 5-5:30 rising little girl...the night is a little short... last night i finally nodded off around 2!
but somehow very thankfully, as soon as i am on my feet and mostly dressed, the exhausted nausea seems to float right away and we start our next wonderful day together....and i know i make it sound like sometimes that we have an altogether happy existance....and of course au contraire to that...=)  we have plenty of tantrums (the kids too =)) and meltdowns...but in it all, i really feel like a very present joy persists....a gratefulness for this precious time with my kids....and i am so thankful for that.

so off i go to bed.   ready to lay all the worries down for the night.

little otter

jack just crossed some sort of wonderful line a couple months ago...
from being worried about getting his face wet to jumping in and learning to swim!
he still has to put his feet down when he comes up for air =) but he is getting better and better everyday!
he loooves being in the water!
cameron and the kids came with us jack and esme wanted to stay for much longer than was great!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

teeny tiny corn and other veggies

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jack drew this for his daddy =)

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our little house guest

she is outside our kitchen window...and we watch her catch her breakfast and lunch and dinner
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Friday, June 25, 2010

making crowns

mallisa came over i got out some crown making paraphenalia and we set to work...
we ended up with mostly antennae and sakajawea type motifs =)
esme just still likes josh's old glasses

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look what we found at the dump today!!!

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early morning potato digging

esme watered...everything...including jack =)
i shovelled up the dirt and
jack dove in when he spied a potato and carefully deposited them in the bucket

root veggies being harvested is like treasure hunting in this family
jack gets SOO excited when he sees a potato or a carrot or a beet...whatever...
and of course esme is in her new handmade dress by joan!!!!!
in the mud!
she wakes up and says "wan my tiny dress joanie made me"

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new fun shake

i've been experimenting with other types of shakes than green ones bc alas, i have to come to terms with the fact that all the greens in the garden are well and truly bitter bitter bitter

so this one is morphed from a blog i read...
cup of frozen strawberries
2 tb gogi berries
2 tb ground flax
2 tb hemp seed
1 cup water
1 banana
1 tb honey

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it is hot outside!

so we often transform the living room into a mess of pillows and mattresses...
the kids hop around and hide and make tents...
and still get all wonderfully sweaty if they'd been outside all the while

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Thursday, June 24, 2010


cameron asked us to come skating was such fun!
we spent a lot of time on the ground...but they all had a blast...
both jack and esme could eventually stand and move a bit for a while without falling over....

and it is always so good to see pop and bliss...such sweet kids.
for any is from 1-4, $3 plus $1 for skates....and if you don't me..i just ran around after them, you don't pay...
so a great hot afternoon fun time!

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