Wednesday, November 30, 2011

16 baby chicks!!!!!!

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we were sitting by the fire yesterday and had a little miracle occur.

about a month ago, a chicken of ours went missing...i assumed it has become lunch for a neighbor's dog until i saw it about 3 days ago foraging with the other chickens...and then disappearing again!
i knew then that she was sitting on a nest of eggs somewhere...but had NO idea where....
we searched and searched....
and searched some no avail.
and then i forgot about it...bc we've had chickens sit before on eggs but something always happens (usually the mama gives up and leaves them half or almost nearly done)

well, yesterday evening, jack spies a feather sticking up between the boards on our front porch...goes over and sees the mamma under there!
i still think she is just sitting on eggs and there is NO WAY to get at we just leave her alone...
i poured some dry grits through the boards and went inside bc it was COLD
well, jack went back to check and heard lots of peep peep peeping!!!!

literally YESTERDAY the eggs hatched!!!
these babies are at most a day was still wet as it JUST came out of the shell!!!

the miraculous part is that if jack hadn't found them, they would either have frozen, been eaten...or mamma would have left the nest to drink water and been unable to have all 16 follow her and forage and not get eaten etc.!!!
it was perfect!!!

so they are now residing in our hallway in a large box until tomorrow when we'll sort them out more properly...

the beautiful part is that all 16 fit under her!!!
and she has already taught them to drink water from the saucer (incubated chicks need to be dipped beaks in water) and i LOVE to listen to the myriad of noises she makes....quiet clucks mean one thing, purring clucks another....she is forever talking to them and pecking at them to keep them in line...
SO CUTE!!!!!

and 16!!! every egg hatched...amazing.

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post thanksgiving...

we make carrot juice a lot....but i had some tangerines that needed we through them into the juicer with the carrots...delicious!
the kids like to see who can get to the bottom of the jar first (which is hilarious bc i just want them to drink it...even though they like it...i don't want them to dilly dally and have it left on the if i pit them against eachother! ha! to see who can drink the fastest it is GONE in an instant! ...hmm...not sure if this is the best parenting or not ....probably falls under 'end justifies means' category)

and i took our ham bone with some meat left on it...put it in the pot with carrots, onions, split peas and some ah-hem bacon drippings...and cooked it for a couple hours...the kids and josh ate it up with biscuits...

it was a good way to use our left over ham for sure!
when i was a kid my 2 favorite savory foods were ham and split pea soup.
i still love the soup!

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at michael's right now, they are selling these little art packets for $3.50!!
what a deal!
there are lots of shades in the water color part which is the kids favorite medium anyway...and the colored pencils are already sharpened =)
i have no idea what the difference between "crayon" and "oil pastel" is...other than one sounds way more "arty" but really there are 2 sets of crayons (ps..i love crayons@! i am not knocking them =))
and a set of markers...paintbrush, sharpener, eraser, pencil...sketchbook...yippee!
esme and i made clothes and jack colored a revolutionary war uniform =)

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surface tension...

first you take a pan of milk
and add food coloring...
a few drops...we went overboard =)
then you dip a qtip into dishwashing liquid soap and place it down on the milk...
and watch what happens!!!
the colors move and was so fun !
i wish live had a soundtrack...bc this would be one of those that would have been enhanced with cool background music =)

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

sunday afternoon...

well, actually it is not quite noon yet...=)
the kids and i woke up and i just couldn't put myself back into the car!!!!!
so we ate hot oatmeal and watched the chickens start their morning rounds...
played violin
and have been playing school for hours =)

we experimented with milk and food coloring and soap....i saw this on thekidshouldseethis....super neat.
and then drew pictures in our nature books of what we saw....talked a bit about surface tension...worked on our little geosafari computers, read some little books, did 'seatwork'...flashcards....talked about the rover to mars...watched another thekidshouldseethis video about it.....

folded put away laundry, cleaned kitchen and it isn't noon .=)
personally i am ready for a nap!

i LOVE lazy days like this....when we don't go anywhere....just hang out...
the kids are quietly playing right now....which is mildly suspicious....
so i am off to investigate =)

have a lovely sunday!~ this is a beautiful day the Lord has made!!!!

monkey bread and thanksgiving day...

we used to make this, my brother and i ...a lot when we were kids...
we used those pop cans of biscuits =)

but thanksgiving morning, we woke up and i made some biscuit dough and then the kids helped to roll it into balls...cover it with cinnamon and sugar....and the put into a bundt pan....
i put a little coconut oil in the bottom of the pan first (you can use butter) and some raisins (walnuts are good too) and then i sprinkled the remaining cinn sugar mixture over the balls in the pan...
put it on 350 and waited until we could smell cinnamon rolls!

then you just pull it apart!

it is delicious....

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baby silas!!!

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hot cocoa after bathtime...

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