Friday, June 10, 2011

josh fighting fire!

click here to see josh on a fire!
sorry no pics is being ornery again...
but that's headed to marie's soon and i think john (fellow who helped get computer) can fix me up!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

o how i love yardsales...o how i love yard saaaaaales.....

each first saturday of the month, waverly hall (the town just down the road) has a big yard sale in their town square...
i took a bunch of plants and stuff and made $170!! woo hoo!
i sold both drums, a herb garden thing, some of the leaves planted up with succulents...lots of flowers...yay!

and then i bought $17 worth of stuff including a bunch of things from a retiring teacher~!
a HUGE magnetic box of letters and groups of is wonderful!
so heavy and full of every combination of letters to make words i am so excited!@
and then i bought 2 dresses! here is one...i have it on right now heading out to church!
and then i bought a slew of scholastic children's books....3 bundles of material all in wonderful polkadots
a box of markers, popsicle sticks, hanger hooks for the wall, flash cards of flags around the world....
and more!
what FUN!!!!

also, here is my staple sandwich...everything from the garden plus cheese!
peppers, squash, onion, cucumber and carrots!

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Saturday, June 04, 2011


jack found this "rock" while swimming at callaway (where josh took the kids again this morning!)
i think it might be kaolin???
it is like chalk...but looks natural...not manmade...
it is light and so neato

anywho he really felt he needed a special carving knife....
so we made one from solder...which i don't think i am spelling the righ way =)

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Friday, June 03, 2011

my adorable firefighters!!!

early this morning, the kids watched fireman sam on netflix....they love this claymation, english show...
and then they disappeared...
i walked around the house calling for them....and then found them outside squirting everything with the hose!!!!
they even had a firecar (barbie) to get to the scene =)

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o sooo good

you may scoff!
but seriously, this is delicious!
pesto and raspberry jam tortilla!
of course i love tortillas so it just had to be a part of the plan
and then pesto bc we have soooo much basil and need to do something with it..and pesto is yummy so why not!
and then raspberry jam...ahhhhhhhh.......
i love it!

ps...if any locals would like some pesto plllleeeeeaaaase let me know!
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garden is growing....

you can see the first big sunflower atop the stalks!
and then just the other stuff...we are getting overrun with squash and beans!
and basil galore..
something totally has eaten our potatoes! (i believe the aptly named potato bug)
corn is in the very back...along with more sunflowers, amaranth and watermelons and some okra (though a lot of the okra didn't germinate..still time to replant this though)
hard to keep it watered enough but the mulch is helping i think!

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building the chicken run/steps

which of course esme firmly believes is a ladder built just for her to head on up and visit her babies =)
this cage is still where we put them up to sleep at night

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transporting chickens!

beckie was given some chickens that were incubator hatched at a school...
and now they are teenagers and in need of a larger home...
so we brought them to our house to a little fenced in area...
and the kids are loving having babies to pet and hold and feed and chase!
the chickens are used to people and don't mind too much being held...most of the time they start to nod off to sleep when pet =)

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callaway gardens

i took a few quick photos before my battery ran out!!! ahhh!!!
it was so pretty and so fun!
we went with our friends kelly and jon and their kids josh and kaley...
the kids had a is shallow almost the whole way and filled with jack could even dive down and find treasures of sorts =)
we checked out the butterfly house (sauna) and ate a picnic...just a fun fun day..

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