Friday, April 30, 2010

more and more and more greens...

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me laying down taking photos of the kids

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bird watching...drinking out of loooong straws....and sammie

all the animals love to be around us...
today we went on a bird watch...
and sammie came right well as the chickens and harry and lurkey...i think they just like company
anyway...the other day sammie tried to headbutt jack again...
and afterwards when he'd calmed down inside he said
"mamma, i think someone put sammie's testicles back in"
it was hilarious!

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hanging out with nicole and maggie

the kids and i hung out with nicole who i haven't seen in ages....
it was soo nice!
except that poor esme was out of sorts...but just fun to visit

little maggie is adorable and their house is just wonderful...i love their floorplan probably more than any other i have been in...
one story, long, open to the woods...porch, lots of light...but cozy and delicious
i think i ate her out of house and home...

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eggs eggs and moooore eggs

we collected 135 eggs today...
i haven't exactly been collecting for a few days ..we have just been overwhelmed...
with eggs...
a pound cake took 6
a flourless chocolate cake took another 6
2 fried eggs for dinner
and given lotssss away....
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

good evening

i just glanced at how many posts i have posted and the number is close to 2500!
wow, i am either too wordy or i need to get a hobby =)
today was so good....
jack's violin practice went really that he is playing a "song" (mini scale) there is a lot we can do...we played once on each stair...and played together...he seems to really enjoy it...
we collected trash and went to the dump
this might sound like a chore which i'll give you, the collecting and loading part sure is
buuut the arrival and that is like a Christmas surprise =)
i almost never come home empty handed (even if on the next dump run josh or i am toting my finds right back again =))
today though, ooooo, it was so exciting...
i went to the metal pile...a LARGE pile of everything metal that someone might want to discard...swings, parts of cars, fences, heaters and appliances...tillers, mowers, mixers, railing, lawn chairs...whatever.
today i spied 3 balls of barbed wire...about 3 feet in diameter...not rusted just laying there like balls of yarn, spikey, slicing, angry balls of "yarn"
well, i had the same feeling i had when i spied the freshly killed armadillo driving down the road "o my goodness, i better get this quick before someone else comes along! yay!"
and then i realize, hmmmm, i AM at the DUMP and most people are not sifting through to find treasure...
BUT, if they are, they won't find the barbed wire bc i have it!
my hands looked like i may have popped them in a mixer for juuust a moment...slightly sliced and diced
but nothing that a little neosporin can't fix =)
there is a possibility though i am SURE not a great one that i just brought home a nest of old wire that will need to be toted back AFTER buying some expensive protective gloves...and my attempts will have cost me a little ...but i am hopeful =)
then the kids and i took a load of stuff to the thrift shop....
and found jack a backpack! (he has been asking for one for the longest time) complete with pens, crayons, glue (which he mistook for chapstick), and a little sachel to put those items within...
jack had to tee-tee while in the shop soooo we ran out (no public loo) and i couldn't find anywhere so he crouched behind the truck...then we bolted so we didnt' have to converse with anyone who might have noticed =)
home to sit and read all our new books from thrifting...50 cent day!
and to put up the fly paper we bought to "hunt" the millions and catrillions of flies that have found their way inside...yick.
and now, i can just see josh coming home from a long day! yay!
night night!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

jamming with the violins and shooting marshmallows =)

you know, it is funny bc esme is already getting indoctrinated to the violin...
she is present for almost all our practices and has started coming to lessons too...
she and jack love to play together...and now that jack is playing this little tune (a short scale) he is ready to play anytime...
and esme just sings for her sound =)

while with marie and bill, jack found this marshmallow bow and arrow...
i knew he had found it bc i heard him from across the store "mamamamamamamamama!!!! looook!!!!"
he has been wanting a bow and arrow for a while now...
last night he said,
"ok, so i know about knives, guns, violins and arrows...what next?"
so we talked about planes and how and why they fly....
our conversations are so random and so wonderful bc he is hearing things for the first time...
everything is interesting to him...well, most things =)
if it has to do with hunting, riding bikes/motorcycles or music...then yes...

jamming with the violins and marshallow shooter

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in the garden

somehow both jack and esme end up unclad whilst watering and picking the garden..i think the tub it too hard to resist and they take a dip and then start digging or playing
potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, garlic and onions
spinach, lettuce and asian greens all doing well
peas coming on...ate first one today but not really ready
tomatoes tiny...not sure why

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liana, my inspiration =)

liana gave us all these canned goods and it has been sooo much fun opening jars and trying all these new things...
and i have so wanted to have them out of boxes and displayed so i could better choose each day what to eat!
so, with blue skies and verdant green trees to keep us company, the kids and i build a couple shelf things for old barn wood and set to displaying...

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bob the builder!

can we fix it? um, i hope so!
josh has been away for a couple nights or at least home in the middle of the night...
he is doing clinicals for emt and book buy stuff...
soooo, i thought i could play "come home and wonder where the fridge is =)"
we have been meaning to move the fridge into the most grownups have
but just haven't had time to move a little wall out so that it could fit
so the kids and i unloaded everything and made a huge mess
jack said "wow, you made a messsssss mama"
yes, mama is very good at these things =)
making messes i mean!
all of us had a hammer and everyone bashed and ripped out boards to move the wall
it was great
music up loud and itsy bitsy carpenters everywhere =)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

heritage park in canton

sliding down the flood hills...
sooo fun

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