Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Weekend Away!

Josh and I went away to Glencove for 2 nights!!! we felt like little kids playing...it was such fun. we scurried up the waterfall (the dirt part, not the water part =)), and road our bikes around the lake, canoed at dusk and talked to geese and what we think was an otter....slept by the fire and took naps outside under the hemlocks...it was so refreshing and wonderful. knowing that jack was having fun with grace here at home made it possible for sure. people keep talking about the importance of nurturing a marriage....at all times i know, but when there are urchins around, it seems we have to be so much more purposeful about it. i thought i would be a basket case....but i can see that kids really are resilient and enjoy life that is changing and full....sometimes i feel like the habits and routines of our day are what brings contentment, but not always true. we are blessed to have family and friends who will help be a community for little jack...and love him so well.