Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday, October 07, 2006


my friend, kim, who is maybe the kindness, most faithful person i know is going to indonesia in january. and even though it isn't a surprise, i can't quite get my mind around it. i'll miss her so much. and will live vicariously through her! so, i had this idea to have a benefit run for her on our land. easy, right? just run through the woods, get a t-shirt, give kim some money...woo-hoo! well, the "run through the woods" part is being made possible by my dear and wonderful husband...the idea is getting actual feet bc he is hacking a path through the brambles....a 3.2 mile path to be exact (though it surely won't be that...exact!). the t-shirts are way cool...light blue with red writing! lots of folks are bringing food....and there are spots galore to camp....not to mention an enormous amount of wood to be burned for a bonfire (which might be seen from outerspace). So, if you are reading this and at all interested in are the details:
oct 21st, 11 am, our place (call for directions! 706-206-0546) $25 a person for kim, refreshments afterwards..bonfire that night.