Wednesday, September 02, 2015

foods this week and a nature collection as fall approaches

i just mixed in the blender dates and strawberries, then pushed them through a bag on to the dehydrator sheets...they dried like licorice laces! titus LOVES them...taste like strawberry!
the next is pumpkin pie leather...i found the recipe and altered it a bit...basically pumpkin, coconut milk, spices and honey....dried with cranberries....i envision long walks in the chilly morning and eating some with tea from a flask...
ok...we aren't quite there yet with our temps still in the 90's but wishful thinking!!!

this week we have given away 6 dozen eggs! we have so many...such a blessing!!! i have also used about 2 dozen baking...i made an angel food cake (11 whites) and jack made a chocolate torte (6 eggs..not pictured) 

and thankfully, titus eats 2 fried eggs for lunch everyday in-between bagel slices....he eats every morsel...growing fast!~

the last pics are of things the kids and i have collected this friend april uses her crates to display natury things and i loved the idea...little compartments....

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

in the garden

jack took most of these pictures!!!

drying basil for seed

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Working w daddy

Fun fun fun!!!

muscadines and such

our friends the Hords have so many berries this year and wonderfully have shared some...i have turned most into a puree without sugar that i love adding to smoothies or using for kombucha...but i read about making juice this way....1 cup berries, less than one half cup sugar in a quart jar, add boiling water and then water bath can for 20-30 min...

then let it sit for about 2 weeks! it should turn dark purple and be delicious =)

i have started dehydrating all the citrus rinds...the grinding up into powder...will use in cookies and jams....or smoothies for extra Vit c!

also making lots of chicken noodle soups and sodas...i just love being in the kitchen in the fall!!!

The kids and some of their favorite buddies

Lion tamer

in the garden with titus

we planted a lot of wild flower seeds this year...many from ones i collected last year...and it is that time again! titus and i cut all the dead heads off packed with dried seeds to keep for next year's garden.  he got the hang of it fast and loved his little job =)
i popped them on the top of the fridge to finish drying up...
also letting the okra go to huge and dry and then stringing it up for decorations for Christmas...and to save seeds...

we are trying lots fruit trees in the espalier form..some work better than others...but i like the way it looks so much!