Sunday, September 14, 2014


with this 4th baby in my tummy...and so emotional when i think of it.
i loved the others when they were in my tummy but it was a very sweet sentimental feeling...maybe even more a joy of being pregnant than a fierce love for the child already...
but i almost can't think of this little munchkin bc i love it so much already i want to hold it dearly.
and that is everything to do with how much i love jack and esme and titus...
the more i know them, the more i see what absolute miracles they are and how they make josh and my life so wonderfully rich and full....

on another note i am eating us out of house and home...i am afraid i have visited the grocery store this month quite a few times.... so ravenous for protein protein and protein.  and bc esme hasn't been well so i have just wanted to get her whatever she would eat.  i feel rounded and happy =)

i haven't been to the doctor yet...i am almost 10 weeks and will go first appointment is near the end of this month and i will weep when i hear the heartbeat. =)

i haven't been taking a lot of pictures, i have been eating, reading to the kids, playing in the woods with them, shuttling them to school and music, ...and now to bed.

i am grateful and amazed at how life continues to unfold in such cool ways

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

little man

this hat.
is SO old.
kim and i hiked the annapurna range next to the himalayas 17 years ago, josh and i hiked all over montana with jack in my tummy in this hat, i have planted gardens after garden when i was only me living in a barn and then with one, then two, then 3 children assisting me =)
i just can't bear to get rid of it!
the kids all wear it from time to time so i suppose it will stay and soon be plonked on number 4's head!

this and that from this past week

the boys doing their school work in the afternoon...titus takes it very seriously (for a little while)

we dug up our sweet potatoes...they are ok but not great....we should have so many more if our soil were better ammended this year....but still i love them! and it is awesome to have them in the mix of food on our table!

esme climbing a tree in a little dress i found for an adult and then had miss carol down the road alter for her....she is my little sparrow

the last of the huge piles...josh and jack burned this labor day was spectacular and now completely flat out there...amazing.

foods from this week

natalya's pesto, with kombucha, kristin's mozzerella and fresh bagels
 oatmeal with jenny's blueberries, jenny and chris' pecans and natalya's figs (with some cacao nibs from freezer) and jim's honey!

okra from mr earl via daniel, mixed with our onions, peppers, natalya's hot sauce

left over cornbread turned into hush puppies with some onion and egg
 custard pie!!!! we are reading little britches by ralph moody for our kids literature club...and they talk a lot about eating custard pie...we just had to try it! delicious! and our chickens are laying eggs like crazy so what a perfect place to use them!


who knew this was such fun!!!
our friends the rozells asked us to come to pine mt and geo cache with them....
bascially you download an app onto your phone and it tells you the caches located near you....and as you get closer the feet (or miles away) diminishes and if you get further away it increases!
we found 2 at the state park (of hundreds) little capsules with a treasure in them...we left a treasure of our own and signed the log book after we raided...
it was SUCH fun!!!

we also acquired a healthy amount of ticks!!!!!!
esme and gaitz had so many all over them....eventually we took off esme's dress bc it looked like it was moving and she put on josh's shirt =)
good thing josh is so hot ;)
the best part might have been when he squeezed into my shirt when we got back to the truck =)

we loved it and will surely be doing it again soon!

Friday, August 22, 2014

titus turns 2!!

we didn't actually plan a party until juuust before the occasion =)
we were having friends for dinner and realized i planned it right on titus bday! which was great! so we invited some more folks and had a lovely time...
titus spent a lot of time on josh's shoulders =) 
we bought cap guns and snakes and creamers....some of his favorite things =)

we are just so so sooooo blessed by this little happy man. what a joy!

practice pampered chef party for brianne

she is coming along!!

wandering to the garden

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

reminds me of his brother =)

titus LOVES to have a job...
to carry something "heaby"
to put something away....
here we are shelling various types of beans....i planted all sorts and picked them together so we have an assortment for sure.
he sat for 45 min and shelled them out ...placing the hulls in a pile and the beans in the pan and yelling "done" when he was finished with each one.
it was hilarious.
at dinner that evening when we ate some cooked ones....he picked them up and shelled them and only ate the insides...tossing the green bean part to the side....
will have to help him figure out he can eat those bits!

drying peaches and cute peach face