Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

a few shots from the past few days

the kids getting clean with esme's bubble bath
titus checking out a termite swarm before he ate a bunch of them
lego lego lego....creations this weekend
mabry, evy and corinne's visit....the kids LOVE them so much
and titus rambling in the field that is forever too wet to plow!

easter on the lawn!

Josh got off easter morning from the station so we went to church and returned to have lunch with my was such a perfect day...the weather was just beautiful....
the kids hunted a few eggs and hung out ...
i love easter!


jack bathed titus tonight and dressed him for dinner...he put him in overalls and then donned his own...those 2 are adorable. titus ADORES him and jack ADORES titus....
what a gift.
esme had a blast crashing their picture.....and managed to get her rabbit ears in a few =)

jack making bee boxes

Russian Orthodox Easter

i need to upload last week's easter pictures!!!
today natalya and her friend Irena made us a traditional russian meal....with some of their other friends, we enjoyed livers and caviar, fresh greens, smoked salmon, baked brie, eggs and mushrooms...
with pink ears =)
it was fun and lovely

tending valerie's of their favorite things to do

Easy spring dinner...

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