Monday, November 30, 2015

Playing in the sand

In this amazing weather!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

only one broken angel!

which was pretty good considering the excitement of opening up the Christmas boxes from last year …=)

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decorating for Christmas!

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cutting our Christmas tree!

we ended up using a different smaller tree as this one was very much like the griswalds and took up our entire living room haha!!!

but i will use the branches to decorate! so no loss

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packaging up some seed packets!

the kids help me cut and sort through thousands of seeds…

then i put them in tea bags

and then wrapped in pages of an old book (we have many copies of this book and cover torn off)

i have yet to stamp the fronts with labels but i think they turned out so prettily!

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our jesse/advent tree

so esme numbered all our decorated toilet paper rolls

and jack and i connected a beautiful piece of cedar onto a board for our tree

and then we hung up an ornament for each day of december counting down until the 25th!

tomorrow while the kids are at school i will tuck chocolates in the pockets =)

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these are boards cut from the trees we removed to build our house!

and then they were used for the scaffolding to lay the brick

now, tom is going to make us a dining room table from some of them!!!

woo hoo!!!!!!!

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visit to grammy and pops house for thanksgiving!

grace and tom used to own land in cedar town that was ravaged by a tornado in 1993...
tom salvaged LOTS of cedar trees that he is now giving us to use to make a split rail fence!

while we visited for thanksgiving ..which was LOVELY.. the boys loaded up a HUGE pile of posts on the trailer! so excited to get started!

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