Friday, August 22, 2014

titus turns 2!!

we didn't actually plan a party until juuust before the occasion =)
we were having friends for dinner and realized i planned it right on titus bday! which was great! so we invited some more folks and had a lovely time...
titus spent a lot of time on josh's shoulders =) 
we bought cap guns and snakes and creamers....some of his favorite things =)

we are just so so sooooo blessed by this little happy man. what a joy!

practice pampered chef party for brianne

she is coming along!!

wandering to the garden

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

reminds me of his brother =)

titus LOVES to have a job...
to carry something "heaby"
to put something away....
here we are shelling various types of beans....i planted all sorts and picked them together so we have an assortment for sure.
he sat for 45 min and shelled them out ...placing the hulls in a pile and the beans in the pan and yelling "done" when he was finished with each one.
it was hilarious.
at dinner that evening when we ate some cooked ones....he picked them up and shelled them and only ate the insides...tossing the green bean part to the side....
will have to help him figure out he can eat those bits!

drying peaches and cute peach face

okra and refried beans for the freezer

playing in the creek after school

random things

the last zinnias of the year going to plant so many more!
lots of peach kombucha from peach puree
 titus eating lots of yummy spaghetti squash
 making cookies with some chocolate chips josh bought under the wire ;) i love him

first day at st luke!!!!!

this little fellow turns 2 tomorrow!!!

what a JOY he is!
titus is funny and strong willed, mischievous and tender, he is a fighter and a lover for sure...
his favorite places to be are on his daddy's shoulders, following his brother through the woods or playing doctor with esme (he lies there and gets wrapped up with toilet paper)
what a BLESSING he is to all of us!!!!