Monday, October 05, 2015

Sunday, October 04, 2015

sunday morning and evening

this morning while josh was working at the hospital, grammy and the kids and i had such a sweet time of church together...
we watched a sermon which came up a lot during the day...and then grammy read and played some hymns while we sang... 
we prayed together and just sat around together for most of the morning...

we are so very blessed to have their grammy...a Godly and kind influence in their life...
it was such a lovely lovely visit!!!

this evening, josh made cookies with the kids and he really is the best at making them in our family...he always adds some secret ingredient and they are delicious!

the boys are sleeping in the popup tonight =) josh will head out in a is such a cool beautiful perfect fall night!!!

fun with the new blower!!!

so i heard the blower crank up and then i heard giggles so i ran and got my camera bc i knew the fun that was going on outside....

we all laughed sooo hard and the i don't think the kids would have gotten tired of this game but the sun was going down so we had to stop...
even titus tried to do it =)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

they said the mosquitoes were biting...

He just exclaimed

Fungus pancakes ok mom?
But Elizabeth doesn't like fungus so she can have stool fungus.

Haha! I thought it was the fungus part he was worried about!

Little man making pancakes in his house

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sleepy Ryan at the camps house

Each morning we move a little more poop from

'Poop mountain' onto the plants and titus is truly helpful!

making corn dollies! and acorn flour and "cookies"

 we took a break and ate bacon (not me) and lots of corn for lunch and then again for dinner with jack and esme! with lots of bread and butter.....yummmmmmmmmm

titus and i cooked up acorns today and leached off the tannins...then roasted them and ground them into flour to make some cookies for jack's class (they are studying native i showed them how to make fire with jack's kit and then we talked about edible plants!)

 loved watching esme with her doll...she played with her hair and kissed and snuggled her...her maternal instincts are so sweet...

a few pictures from this weekend

some friends asked us to dinner along with a couple other families and it was so so lovely...between our 4 families there were 17 kids....running and playing was truly priceless and beautiful to watch them 
i love these ladies...i learn so much from them...and their parenting and joy...

 i am doing the flowers for a friend's wedding in late october and she wants lots of green and brown...wild stuff and a little yellow....i was just playing around the past couple days...with what i could find in the woods...i love fall colors!!!

this one has too much color for wedding but i just had to put in berries for my sake =)