Thursday, July 14, 2016

from glen cove!

tori took this pic for my fortieth bday! love my crew so much!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

bridge building

i gave the kids a 2x4 with attached sticks on each end and asked them to build a bridge!

i like how different each turned out….jack’s reminds me of the golden gate bridge, esme’s looks like a dr Suess bridge and titus reminds me on an old railroad….

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leaf boarding certificate by dad

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pumpkin pie cobbler

i made pumpkin pie filling from our last pumpkin from last fall and then poured it in a pan with cobbler batter…..


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leaf boarding!

josh showed the kids a documentary of snow boarding….so they got out boards and tried their own version! for hours!!!

they were so excited about their new sport that josh made them certificates for their club when they were asleep last night….

they were beyond proud of them this morning when they found them !!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

read aloud summer book favorites

we have loved these sofar this summer

beyond courage is about the jewish resistance during ww2

this one i might read next year to the kids but i have enjoyed learning about these amazing people!

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learning the flower parts


stigma style ovary


anther filament

pollen tube


with a LOT of pollen (glitter)
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learning the parts of a flower

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treehouses from my dreams

i have often heard that just before a person falls asleep they lose a bit of brain hibition and so can have creative thoughts…

i have found this to be very true for me…so much so that if i am tryign to figure out something …like how i should arrange something or how a garden should flow or some other not very important but fun thing to think on =)…i save it until i am in that dreamy state.

and since little gillian is now sleeping a bit more so when i lay down i don’t immediately fall asleep from exhaustion =)

i have been putting my mind to thinking of things the kids can do inside when it gets so hot outside!

and this one worked magically!

i gave them a board with a stick attached to make a tree house!

they each had a glue gun and all the craft sticks they could ever want and set to making their dominion…

they worked before church, after church and then when we had a lovely visit from greatgrandmama jean and the kids 2nd cousin kelsey, she joined in too!

i loved seeing their creativity ….

titus ended up destroying his in the end which honestly is his favorite bit of any building project =)

esme added on a another story late on and a swimming pool...ha! 
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