Sunday, May 24, 2015

little of this and a little of that =)

doing some orgami with the kids =)
this is a clothes booklet so we have made quite a wardrobe =)

summer has arrived!!!! the rozells came over the other night and the kids played and played in the front field....there are 6 in this pyramid! ha!
it was so good to see them running around like crazy...i love it!

first attempt at a sourdough! makes nice toast but i think i let my starter get a bit too sour!!!

jack and titus and miss yellow all fell deep asleep on the couch the other was so sweet... and it wasn't easy to wake any of them up!!!

i used to eat this ages ago and i was craving it this week so i made a huge bowl, sat down in front of anthony bourdin and had a party...=)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Glencove 2015

each year...for the past 21 years!!!! we have traveled to this most wonderful little cabin in the mts of north georgia for a week of relaxation and just spending time together....
i love that i now go with my sweet family....and it usually encompasses my birthday and mother's day in one fell swoop =)

i realized that vacation to me is 2 things...
1. not feeling rushed and not rushing my family to do anything

i spend so much time hurrying the kids out the door for school, or lessons, or to bed or even to church...rush rush rush....that it is amazing to tell myself to just BE

2. saying yes more than i say no to my kids

at home, i am always saying "in a minute" or " not right now" for usually pretty good reasons....meals to cook, house to clean, laundry to do, animals to feed, garden to water, bills to pay, trash to collect, clothes to pick up....yadayadayada....
but while away, i found i just sat with the kids for hours...playing, talking, just watching them was magical
i reflected a lot and prayed for them a lot and just looked at who they are becoming...

i brought these little wooden planks with us that i bought...i kept telling myself i could have made them but i just bit the bullet and ordered them....i liked the write up that it said that children of all ages can create with them and that it encourages their own creativity...for after all, they are just pieces of wood...anywho...GREAT BUY if you are looking for a good toy for kids....from ages 2-39 =)

Talent Show 2015!!!!

this did not disappoint....i laughed and was wonderful! and i don't have pics of jack and esme bc i was either just enjoying them or up on stage helping a bit!
they ALL did amazingly well and it was just a sweet and fun evening....!!!